The Consequences of Miscommunication

With our English Communication Programme, we explain, demonstrate, and practice how to improve communication in several ...
English as a communication tool / ツールとしての英語

The Best Thing About My Job

I’ve had many different kinds of jobs in my life which has helped me gain a variety of skills and knowledge. Even in one...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Our First Podcast – Response

A couple of weeks ago, I posted our first podcast and I am pleased by the response. Admittedly, the comments I have rece...
Awareness / アウェアネス

I Don’t Know What to Say/Write

Don't know what to say or write, me too! Every week, I write something about learning the English language for Japanese ...

The Win-Win of Helping English Learners

Getting paid for work is good, however, enjoying what you do is better. What is best though is, you get paid to do something you enjoy, and people benefit, too
Mindset / マインドセット

Nervous when learning? Just RELAX!

When I learnt to drive, it was good to hear the same advice I give my students; relax. Learning how to relax when you're nervous will make learning easier.

Etymology – The History of a Word

Anyone who studies English will know how difficult and confusing English spelling can be, this is because of historical ...
Awareness / アウェアネス

You Never Stop Learning

From the day that we are born we are learning, if not we would be in trouble. Learning through necessity or for pleasure...

I Don’t Teach English, I Facilitate

When people ask me what my job is I usually reply, “I’m an English teacher.”. It’s a short easy answer to keep the conve...
Awareness / アウェアネス


先日 あるワークショップに参加してきました。理由は2つ。 ① (周りの方からはそうは見られないのですが)実は緊張しいで人前で話すのが大の苦手。これをどうにか克服したい。 ② クライアントさんがご自身の想いをプレゼンしたいということで、せっか...