English skills

English as a communication tool / ツールとしての英語

Business English, Travel English, Your English

My knowledge of how big English Language Schools entice new students is growing, this is because we want to, too! Advert...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Is Better Communication Polite or Rude?

I think, on the whole, people want to be considered polite as we want to be liked; who likes rude people? However, inter...

How’s My English?

There are many ways a Japanese person can learn English; each way will suit each person differently. You can learn by yo...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

Many years ago, I read an article about a business meeting between Americans and Japanese. The Americans were asked how ...
Pronunciation / 発音

I’m sorry, could you say that again?

As I wrote before, there are many things which don’t help your pronunciation of English sounds (phonemes), below are a c...

I said バス, not バス!

One of our students wants heart to heart communication with the native English speakers she meets through work. Understa...

The Skill of Active Listening

One of the many skills to acquire when learning English is active listening, it's part of good communication; isn't that important when learning a language?