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Awareness / アウェアネス

False Modesty or Being Humble

Hello. My name is Duncan Brown and I am an English Facilitator, here a some of my thoughts about learning the English la...

Stereotypes, Language, and Culture

American, British, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. When reading these nationalities did you think of their stereotypes? Stere...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Success by Determination and Support

I often read articles related to learning or teaching as they are either interesting or useful. Recently, I read an inte...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

Many years ago, I read an article about a business meeting between Americans and Japanese. The Americans were asked how ...

When in Rome, do as whom?

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a popular proverb usually shortened to, "When in Rome..." It means it’s best to f...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Are You an “Open Book”?

My dictionary defines an “open book” as a person who through naivety responds candidly to questions or openly displays t...
Awareness / アウェアネス

Is English Cool in Japan?

Some Japanese people think English is cool, some non-Japanese people think kanji is cool. Are they still cool if they are used without meaning?