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Learning through Teaching

Tips for Learning / 学びのコツ

There is a common phrase that is quite insulting to all teachers: “Those who can do, those who can’t teach”. However, what if teaching is what you want to do? Can anyone teach?

Present, Practice, Produce

There are many styles of teaching which work better for some people or subjects. In this regard, I tend to use the PPP method: Present, Practice, Produce. First, I present what is to be learned with examples. Second, I practice with the student, and in a group lesson, students would practice together. Finally, the student would use what was learned to produce their own work.

From what I have been told, some teachers in Japanese schools only present the subject being taught. I guess that’s the “P” method. Practicing and producing are left to self-study, cram schools, tests, and exams.

Your learning goal

Let’s imagine you are a Japanese English teacher giving a lesson to Japanese students using the PPP method, and the aim of the lesson is what YOU want to learn. You learn by creating a lesson plan. For example, at the end of the lesson, the student will be able to use “a” and “an”. How would you present it? Can you explain it? How would you practice it? How would students produce it?

For it to be a successful lesson, you would need to research the subject more than you would as a student. The student becomes the master. I recommend using two or three books on English grammar and English textbooks to help you. You would need to be able to explain, demonstrate, and anticipate questions as the teacher. For instance, “Why ‘an’ honest man? ‘H’ is not a vowel”.

Applied English

Imagine and roleplay the class in your mind. By doing this, you are researching your questions and repeating what you know. In this imaginary world, you can teach in Japanese or English depending on your language level.

Explaining something in different ways is a skill that comes from understanding more about what you are talking about. The style of your lesson plan shows how you learn. Your research will reveal what you know and don’t know, and introduce things you are unaware of. You will learn more through teaching.

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